who [hoo]
(of a person) of what character, origin, position, importance, etc. (We don't mean 'who' in that existential sense.)

Jo Watson Productions is a writing collective, based in Johannesburg, that offers full writing services. Our team consists of copywriters, journalists, features writers, TV/ scriptwriters, PR writers and translators.   

Meet our core team, that works with a collection of freelancers from all areas of specialisation:

Jo is an across-the-board writer with a great balance between experience and creativity. She's written everything from feature articles to PR and communications to TV and radio scripts - and all kinds of copywriting in between.

Jessica is a breath of fresh, youthful energy that earned her degree in English, specialising in journalism. (She also has very nice hair) Since then she’s been gaining experience in features writing, all manner of below-the-line copywriting with a focus on SEO. 

Richard is a seasoned writer who’s been in the industry for over 40 years. He’s worked as a copywriter at countless agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi and Jupiter Drawing Room, recently working on accounts such as Virgin Mobile, Debonairs and Wimpy. He’s also won awards including 1st Prize at the US RX Club of Excellence Awards.

Laila is a proofreader who could take on the Muhammad Ali of spell checkers and win. As a young woman she worked at a bookstore until her passion for language lead her to proofreading. Today she works at a newspaper in Joburg – and in her spare time her superpowers of proofreading rid the world of spelling and grammatical errors.

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