ar·ti·cle [ahr-ti-kuhl]
1. a written composition in prose, usually nonfiction, on a specific topic.

‘A’ is an indefinite article. ‘The’ is a definite article’. But real article writing is about more than stringing two words together. Whatever your purpose, topic or audience – we’ll research and write any article you need.

Feature articles

Get entertaining and informative articles on any topic you need. We’ve written for publications including Fairlady, Oprah, Living and Loving, Soul, TLC (Medical magazine) and more!

Corporate articles

Need to share a new innovation with the public? Instead of a press release, why not ask us to write an informative article or advertorial about it. You can also share news with your employees with in-house publication articles. We've written corporate articles for Vodacom.

Online articles

Drive more traffic to your website by posting articles on internet article sites. Get keyword-friendly articles that appeal to your target market. We've written online articles for Digital Cabinet and Complete Nursing Agency.

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A riddle from the middle ages: "My mother deserted me, but people picked me up. They cut off my head, scooped out my heart and gave me drink. Then I began speaking. What am I?" A quill pen, of course.