ed·it [ed-it]
to revise or correct, as a manuscript.

No matter how well your copy is written – how catchy, clever and creative it is – if it contains mistakes, it loses credibility.

Your thinking you have spell check, right? But its possible to still have mistakes in you’re copy after you’ve put it threw a spellchecker, even though you might think its suppose to fix all you’re mistakes. You won’t believe the affects this could have on copy. You’ll be left wandering watt went wrong.

Do you see the 10 mistakes in that paragraph? Spell check wouldn’t have found a single one. A proofreader on the other hand, would have.

So, let our team of professional proofreaders check your BTL copy, web copy and everything in between.

Or if you want your copy checked for more than just spelling and grammatical errors, you can make use of one of our professional editors. Editors will make sure your copy has a good flow and quality of writing, and that the style is right. They make sure your sentences make sense and that your copy is consistent.

Our editing and proofreading includes work for:
Vodacom, The Glass Recycling Company, CN Business Furniture Group, Business Insurance Magazine, Nutri-news (in-house) 

PS - There's also a prize for the person who can find the other grammatical error we've surreptitiously snuck into our website copy. Spot it, and you could win big! 

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